Other Costs to Consider


Registration Fee: (non-refundable)

  • $30.00/ student
  • $55.00/ family

Dance Wear:

At ADA we follow a dress code. Your dancer will need appropriate shoes, tights, bodysuits etc. See the dress code under “Our Classes”.


Not all classes will compete ask at registration.

RECITAL COSTUMES: (approximate): $70-$120

COMPETITION COSTUMES: (approximate): $150

Competition Fees:

ENTRY & CHOREOGRAPHY FEES (per competition per dance)

  • Solo: $450
  • Duo: $350
  • Small Group: $250
  • Large Group: $250

* The fees listed above apply to choreography done outside of regular class time and include choreography, rehearsal time, and entry fees for 4 competitions. Some choreography will take place during class time.  In that instance there would only be entry fees charged.  For more details please email info@albertadanceacademy.com.

Show Tickets:

RECITAL TICKETS: 2 Free tickets with every registration.  – Should you need to purchase more: Adult (17+ yrs) $27, Child (4-16 yrs. 3 & under are free!) $13.50.

Prices DO NOT include GST.

To complete registration ADA must have a VOID CHEQUE or Credit Card on file for monthly fees.