Summer Camps Ages 0-4

July 9-13-Fairy Tale Dreams - 3-5yearsOnce upon a time, there was a group of dancing princesses! In the morning, they twirled and spun in the prettiest dresses around, they made beautiful crafts, met other princesses and princes just like them! Every day was a new adventure! They met a fairy Godmother and learned to cast fairy spells. They had snowball fights with a hideous beast, and later built a snowman. They swam under the sea with the Little Mermaid, and kissed some frogs too! By the end of it all they needed a little rest and relaxation at the Princess Tea Party by the Castle where they chatted about what being a princess is all about! They even had a dance party with Queen Elsa! *Special visit will take place on Thursday, July 12.**2/22/2018MTWThF9:00am12:00pm$125.00Register
July 16-20- Tiny Toes- 3-5 yrsThis gently structured class emphasizes exploration of movement, creativity and imagination in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Your child's rhythm, physical confidence and imagination are nurtured. This camp is excellent preparation for ballet and creative movement classes.7/16/20187/20/2018MTWThF9:00am12:00pm$125.00Register
July 23-27 Kindercheer 3-5 yrsScream, Shout and Cheer it Out during this exciting camp! Throughout the week children will learn basic dance steps, jumps and cheers. Everything will be incorporated into a mini routine shown at the camps end on Friday!

**FREE CHEERBOWS for every participant!

August 7-10- Happy Feet- 3-5yrs **4 day campChildren will begin to explore basic dance and rhythm movement with a special emphasis on movement games, and imaginative mimes. Singing, storytelling, and the use of dance props such as ribbons, further enhance the children’s experience. All of this adds up to an upbeat and imaginative camp! Participants who wish to bring Tap shoes to this class are more than welcome!

**Special guest Twinkle Toes will be joining camp on Wednesday, August 8th to decorate the dancers’ toes with nail art!