Make music with your feet. Learn the technical elements with rhythmic footwork! 


Coordination, rhythm and musicality are the name of the game in this class. Pre-Tap begins at 3 years of age! 

Dress Code – GIRLS: Hair off the face in a ponytail or bun

  • Any colour or style of bodysuit and tights
  • Any colour or style of dance shorts or dance leggings – Optionalwong-callie-00651
  • NO tank tops or t-shirts etc.
  • Pre- Tap & Tap Primary: Black Capezio Jr Tyettes (N625)
  • Shoes for Tap 1 – 3: Black tap shoes, any style
  • Shoes for Tap A – E : Black oxfords, any style
  • Shoes for Tap Enrichment: So Danca TA-48 Black tap oxford
  • Hair off the face in a ponytail or bun

Dress Code – GUYS: Hair must not cover eyes

  • Fitted dance shirt or tank top, any colour
  • Dance Belt (A dance belt is a specialized undergarment worn by male dancers for support.) This item is MANDATORY
  • Shoes Tap 1 – 3 & A – E any Black Oxford is acceptable
  • Shoes for Tap Enrichment & ADA Company : So Danca TA-48 Black Tap Oxford 
  • Hair off face/out of eyes

Tap Enrichment

In this ADA Company Class, dancers further their tap training and learn competitive choreography.  Focus will be placed on rhythms and improvisation, as they advance their technique.